SIG P226


  • Gas Type: Gas
  • Blowback: Blowback
  • Power: <1 Joule
  • Mag Capacity: 25
  • Length: 195mm
  • Weight: 0.91kg
  • Fire Mode: Semi Auto
  • Colour: Black
  • Hop Up: Adjustable
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  • The SIG P226 is a world-renowned gun, and famous in Ireland for its use with the armed police. This version of the SIG P226 is the E2 variant; improved ergonomics, making it a more enjoyable pistol to shoot.
  • Manufactured by KJW, this metal pistol is extremely heavy, weighing in at just shy of 1kg, it feels exactly as you’d expect a gun to feel. The full metal build really adds to the realism, especially when racking the slide – it’s a satisfying clank that cannot be replicated by plastic guns.
  • Powered by Green Gas, this pistol requires at least 130 PSI gas to run, thanks to the heavyweight metal slide. In the winter, you will have to increase the gas pressure to compensate for the effects of cool down.
  • There is a loud bang with each shot, putting a smile on your face every time! As with the real steel, there is no safety on the P226, instead you have the functional decocking lever to release the hammer. This means that the first shot requires a stiff double-action trigger pull to fire.
  • Based off Tokyo Marui’s original SIG design, KJW improved upon it via the materials used. Disassembly is the same as on the real steel model – remove the magazine, pull the slide back to the first notch to rotate the disassembly lever, and you can then slide the top-slide off the frame. This reveals the adjustable hop up (tool-less), and allows you the access needed for maintenance of your gun.

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195 mm


0.91 kg


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